Ángel Lumbreras


Ángel Lumbreras, musician and international DJ/Producer.

Ángel Andrés Lumbreras, professionally known as Ángel Lumbreras, is a musician, record producer and DJ, and has sculpted works like his ‘Origins’, from 2020. This work was brought to life through the Dutch label Wolfrage Recordings. His album of ten songs, composed entirely by him in Gallur, in the province of Zaragoza (Spain), has been classified as dance / electro pop.

This project took him three months, was mastered in Bristol, UK, and to create it, the artist used some emulations of vintage synthesizers from the 60s and 80s, and various orchestral symphonic instruments. The listener will be able to distinguish tones that evoke the original techno and electro pop of a few decades ago but with fresh and current sounds of the current era of pop and dance. ‘Origins’ marked the debut under his name.

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In 2021 he released another reference, “New Times”, an EP with two songs for MojoHeadz Records, a Los Angeles (California) label. The EP contains the songs “Crazy People” and “Timeout”.


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projects and releases.

Music album published by Wolfrage recordings. An eclectic project with 10 songs, 40 min 52 sec of Dance Electropop style music. Original electronic music with classical, ethnic, asian and tropical influences.

Music EP released by MojoHeadz Records. 2 songs for a duration of 8 min 44 sec. Electronic music with harmonic modulations, monumentally panoramic and full of wide emotions that will make you dream.

Music single released by Wolfrage Recordings. The final fight between two sounds and two worlds, 3 min 42 sec of electropop music that will transport you to an intense world beyond reality.

Music EP released by MojoHeadz Records. 3 songs for a duration of 12 min 49 sec. A personal artistic treasure, an hypnotic journey through an original electronic-rock soul music full of other times flavors.