Elevate your show with the last
projects and releases.

Music album published by Wolfrage recordings. An eclectic project with 10 songs, 40 min 52 sec of Dance Electropop style music. Original electronic music with classical, ethnic, asian and tropical influences.

Music EP released by MojoHeadz Records. 2 songs for a duration of 8 min 44 sec. Electronic music with harmonic modulations, monumentally panoramic and full of wide emotions that will make you dream.

Music single released by Wolfrage Recordings. The final fight between two sounds and two worlds, 3 min 42 sec of electropop music that will transport you to an intense world beyond reality.

Music EP released by MojoHeadz Records. 3 songs for a duration of 12 min 49 sec. A personal artistic treasure, an hypnotic journey through an original electronic-rock soul music full of other times flavors.